Tony Revolori wants to be in a “Star Wars” movie, and he knows *exactly* who he’d like to play

Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tony Revolori may be joining one of the biggest franchises in the world — the Marvel Cinematic Universe — but there’s another major franchise he’d love to be a part of: Star Wars.

Revolori, who plays Flash Thompson in Homecoming, is a longtime fan of the series, frequently taking to Instagram and Twitter to profess his love for the franchise. HelloGiggles recently sat down with The Grand Budapest Hotel actor, and he revealed exactly how deep his Star Wars love — and knowledge  — goes.

First up, we needed to know if given the opportunity, would Revolori even want to join the sprawling space saga? His answer: “Absolutely.” But when we got to the character he’d like to play, he proved *just* how committed a fan he is. He didn’t just say, stormtrooper, rebel pilot, or Jedi, like any average Star Wars fan.

No, Tony Revolori wants to play a Je’Daii.

But wait — what is a Je’Daii, you might ask?

"They're basically the precursor to the Jedi and they train in both the dark arts, not the dark arts — what is this Harry Potter? — the dark force and the light side, and they balance them both," Revolori explained. "I would love to play something like that in maybe an Old Republic movie or something like that."

Say no more, Tony. We’re in.

With the series of stand-alone Star Wars films in the works, we definitely think this an idea LucasFilm should jump on. Revolori even joked that he’s down to write, direct, AND produce the film. Kathleen Kennedy, what’s not to love about this idea?

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that a film about the Je’Daii — which have never gotten the screen time they deserve — comes to fruition over the next few years, with Tony Revolori at the helm. In the mean time, Tony can be seen in theaters as Flash in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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