Tonks from “Harry Potter” was on “Game of Thrones” this whole time?

One of our favorite Harry Potter characters was Luna Lovegood Tonks. You guys remember “Don’t Call me Nymphadora” Tonks, right? She had a baby with Remus Lupin and then died in the Battle of Hogwarts.

She was also just cool and badass and had purple hair.


But did you know she’s also been secretly lurking on Game of Thrones this WHOLE TIME?

The actress Natalia Tena who played Tonks also played the wildling Osha.


She showed up in Season 1 and then just died in Season 6 when she tried to stab Ramsay but he got to her first. ?

Here’s the gruesome scene in question:

Interesting that this actress has played two feisty and brave characters. ??

And in case these Game of Thrones and Harry Potter crossovers are blowing your mind, there’s more. Argus Filch (Walder Frey) killed Hermione’s mom (Catelyn Stark). Apparently, actors with British accents are hard to come by? *shrugs*