Remember that teddy bear dog? She basically owns social media now

Last week, we helped a dog solve the most adorable identity crisis in the history of identity crises.

Spoiler alert: We assured Tonkey she’s a dog, not a teddy bear. (Although we could definitely see how she would be confused.) I mean, look at that face. Just look at it.

Ugh. I can’t. She’s just too adorable. But apparently, lots of people can. Like, over 150,000 people. That’s a lot of people, you guys. More people than can fit into a Taylor Swift concert arena. It’s also the amount of followers that Tonkey now has on Instagram. And she’s only four months old!

Tonkey basically owns social media now. As well she should. Because if anyone owns social media, it should definitely be a puppy who looks like a teddy bear. Just saying.

Everyone is talking about Tonkey. Everyone. Which is pretty awesome when you think about it. We kind of love the idea that a teddy bear dog can unite the world, even if it’s only through our laptops and smart phones.

From the looks of things on Instagram, Tonkey can’t even run out for dog treats without fans jumping into her shopping cart.

Tonkey’s pet-parents in Alberta, Canada, are Christine and her boyfriend David Ngu. Christine recently assured YahooNews that Tonkey is completely chill with being a world-wide social media darling. “She cuddles every day, loves children, and is friendly and curious towards strangers.” Awww. How did we just know that would be the case?

Christine went on to say, “She’s a funny character. Her tail wags at lightning speed — even when she’s in trouble; those eyes could melt the coldest of hearts.”

You mean these eyes??

We totally believe you, Christine. Consider our hearts officially melted.

Not to sound like know-it-alls, but we kind of saw this coming when we first set eyes on Tonkey. I don’t know about you guys, but I still haven’t recovered from seeing this yet . . .

Or this . . .

And no, not even this . . .

Never forget us Gigglers, Tonkey. We knew you (and loved you) when.

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[All images via @bearcoat_tonkey on Instagram.]