This is what tonight’s pink full moon means for us all

Considering that we live on planet Earth, today marks a momentous occasion – an occasion so significant that even the moon is celebrating. It’s Earth Day and tonight’s full moon will be specially shining in the nighttime sky to prove it.

Every April, the moon reveals its stellar beauty in the form of a Pink Moon. Sadly, this doesn’t mean that the moon turns rosy. It instead signifies that a micro- or mini-moon will be dancing across the inky black sky. This type of moon appears as it sounds, emerging smaller than normal because, according to EarthSky, tonight’s moon will reach apogee: The furthest point from the Earth.


The Farmers’ Almanac reports that this moon was named after the herb moss pink (also known as wild ground phlox), since this plant is one of the first to blossom during springtime. The Pink Moon is also referred to as the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, and the Full Fish Moon. The latter two monikers were established because coastal tribes witnessed shad swim upstream to lay their eggs when this moon revealed itself. With this in mind, the Pink Moon also represents fertility in many circles.

Mystically speaking, SpringWolf’s Pagan’s Path suggests that we take this time to work on our relationships and to solve any problems that may be affecting this area of our lives. In general, Witchipedia reveals that if you begin a new business venture on the day of a full moon, it will bring you good luck. However, you may also want to consume extra Vitamin C today because being sick whilst the full moon glows can mean that you’ll be sick for quite some time.


Though the mini-moon began its nighttime reign last night, it can be spotted for around three days. You can also watch this phenomenon on Slooh’s website tonight, starting at 8pm EST. Either way, Happy Earth Day! We hope all you moon mavens out there have your telescopes ready!

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