The latest episode of “The Walking Dead” Season 7 connects back to Season 6 in a surprising way

Tonight, we expected that The Walking Dead would feature Daryly We didn’t necessarily realize that it would require us to recall a lot about one episode from last season. The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 6 features Daryl stumbling upon a trio of survivors who capture him. Two of these survivors are Dwight and Sherry, whose stories since Daryl first met them make up a large part of this episode.

Back in Season 6, Dwight, Sherry, and Sherry’s sister, Tina, capture Daryl. He escapes with their bag, which turns out to be full of insulin. Daryl returns with the bag; Tina is sick and needs it. However, Tina is killed by walkers shortly thereafter.

Daryl begins to trust Dwight and Sherry, and seems about to take them back to Alexandria. However, the couple betrays him and steals everything he has – including his signature crossbow.

This episode of the new season, “The Cell,” fills in the gaps between that episode and now. While we’ve seen Dwight, and his newly scarred face, later in Season 6, there’s a lot we don’t know. We learn that Negan wanted to marry Tina, but that the trio ran away from the Sanctuary (BTW, the Sanctuary is where the Saviors live; get it?).

When Dwight and Sherry returned to Negan, things changed. Apart from Dwight’s face (which was burned in retribution for betraying Negan), Sherry is now Negan’s wife. Also, she *might* be pregnant – at least, it seems like Negan wants that. When Dwight takes Daryl to the Sanctuary’s doctor, he sees a pregnancy test, but Sherry then tells him it was negative.

Dwight and Sherry still love each other…but it’s getting lost. When Negan offers Dwight any woman (ugh), Dwight declines. But, the pair is under strain and it shows: At one point, Sherry asks him if he’s happy, and he says, “It’s better than being dead.” Um, awww, we think?

Honestly, though, life with Negan seems pretty terrible. Fingers crossed that Dwight and Sherry team up with Daryl to escape — or bring Negan down from the inside.