For your consideration: here’s Tommy Wiseau auditioning to be The Joker

Between Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto, and now even Joaquin Phoenix, there’s no shortage of incarnations of the most iconic Batman villain of them all: The Joker. From hilarious takes to downright psychologically scarring ones, the variety of Joker portrayals is one of the most fascinating things about the comic book world. His famously mysterious origin story leads to endless debates. It’s no wonder everyone is so obsessed with the maniacal supervillain. But now we can add one more name to the list of actors who have taken on the infamous laugh, and it’s honestly no surprise that this man somehow managed to make it happen. Because Tommy Wiseau doesn’t let anything get in the way of achieving his dreams.

Yes, it’s true — The Room creator/star and inspiration for The Disaster Artist has created an audition tape to play the Crown Prince of Crime, and it is perhaps one of the most disturbing videos you will ever see. He may not have ever crossed your mind as the perfect person to play the legendary psychopath, but he’s actually kind of perfect for it? Or maybe he’s the last person who should ever play The Joker? Honestly, it’s pretty hard to decide. But thanks to Nerdist helping Wiseau create the perfect campaign video in his lifelong quest to play The Joker in a big Hollywood movie, we now can decide for ourselves whether he should be given the opportunity to terrify us even more.

Listen, he’s definitely not the hero we all want, but he’s kind of the villain we deserve. I don’t think I’ll ever get forget the sound of his screams. Watch the video for yourself to see if you agree.

As for who played the Batman to Wiseau’s Joker, did you recognize the face and voice underneath that scowl? That’s Wiseau’s real-life best friend/enemy Greg Sestero (aka the aspiring actor that Dave Franco played in Disaster Artist). Talk about perfect casting!