Tommen just destroyed all hope for this “Game of Thrones” fan theory

Things are quickly racing towards the end of the season on Game of Thrones — and there are spoilers ahead for Sunday night’s episode, “No One.”

Know all those really awesome fan theories that have been popping up about our favorite Westeros inhabitants over the last few weeks? Some of them are good, and some of them are GOOD. One if them inched a little bit closer to actually coming true last week, during “The Broken Man,” when it was revealed that Sandor Clegane, aka The Hound, was alive! It seemed like CleganeBowl — an epic battle between Sandor and his brother, Gregor, aka the Mountain — was actually going to happen!!

Though The Hound was like, “Imma let you finish Brother Ray, but I’m done with fighting,” by episode’s end he was out for blood, after his entire group was killed by the Brotherhood Without Banners. It REALLY FELT like The Hound was (eventually) going to make his way to King’s Landing, and surprise, be forced to fight his brother in trial by combat.

…and then King Tommen had to go and outlaw trial by combat, because it goes against everything the Faith of the Seven believes in. In King’s Landing, the Faith of the Seven is so in right now.


After hearing that trial by combat is a no-go anymore, viewers at home were like:


CleganeBowl sounded like THE MOST FUN trial by combat EVER, because it would literally be pitting brother against brother. And remember, these brothers do not like each other whatsoever (Gregor is the reason Sandor has those face scars).


This doesn’t mean that CleganeBowl bowl will never happen, but there’s no use holding your breath for it now. No one is going to be able to fight for Cersei, even if The Hound were to suddenly pop up. Besides, he’s on his way North with the remaining Brotherhood Without Banners as it is, and North is the opposite direction from King’s Landing.

Thanks for dashing all our CleganeBowl hopes and dreams for Season 6, TOMMEN.

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