The internet has discovered a major Photoshop fail on the new “Tomb Raider” poster

We’re getting pretty amped to see Alicia Vikander’s portrayal of Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider remake. Vikander is pretty perfect in every way, which is why we were surprised to see the new super Photoshopped Tomb Raider poster. Something just isn’t right with the image of Vikander, and it took us a minute to pinpoint what was off.

At first glance, Vikander as Lara Croft looks badass, torn up, and ready to raid them tombs. But the longer you look at the poster, the more unsettled you feel. And that’s because Vikander’s neck is way too long.

Like, too long to the point where we’re getting Littlefoot from The Land Before Time vibes.


Vikander has a naturally elegant neck. She often shows off her back and décolletage at red carpet events, because, why wouldn’t she? She knows she’s got the goods.


So why would one tarnish said goods by stretching that perfectly good, if not great, neck out? Vikander doesn’t need to eat from trees! She’s human!

And we’re not the only ones freaking out/needing to take deep breaths over here. Twitter is on a roll with meme-ifying the Tomb Raider poster. The flaw is just so obvious.

One Twitter user even had the decency to fix the bad Photoshop job for Warner Bros. Thank you, kind sir. We feel more at ease.

We think we can all agree that Vikander doesn’t deserve this botched Photoshop treatment. Give the girl her neck back, Warner Bros. If not just for Vikander, do it for all of us.