Tom Holland is our new Spider-Man! Here’s how he got the part

Yesterday, we got a brand new Spider-Man, and his name is Tom Holland! The 19-year-old Brit already boasts an impressive resumé, starring in The Impossible and the London stage version of Billy Elliot (so you know he’s acrobatic). Of course, before he could even sling his first web across the New York City skyline, the Internet was already buzzing about the casting choice. The much-hyped role is serious business, considering the new Spider-Man will likely be crossing over into the cinematic Marvel Universe we already know and love. (We’re looking at you, Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America.)

In fact, as The Hollywood Reporter revealed, part of the decision to cast Holland fell on the shoulders of the actors behind Iron Man and Captain America.The casting process has been highly publicized, and earlier this year, six clear frontrunners emerged: Holland, Asa Butterfield (Ender’s Game), Judah Lewis (the new Point Break), Matthew Lintz (the upcoming Pixels), Charlie Plummer (Boardwalk Empire), and Charlie Rowe (Red Band Society).

All six actors were brought down to Atlanta, where Captain America: Civil War is currently shooting. There, the guys did a screen test with Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, aka, Robert Downey Jr. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio was looking for “chemistry between the boy and the elder Avenger.” I’m pretty sure that RDJ could have chemistry with Thor’s hammer, so these six really needed to knock it out of the park. The test narrowed the playing field to just Holland and Rowe.

From there, it was then a screen test with Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, aka Chris Evans. After this, Holland had the part locked down. If he can handle dealing with these two polar opposite Avengers (hey, that’s the plot of Civil War!) he can most certainly hold his own with everyone else.

Now, we’ve got our new Spider-Man. Currently, Holland has been signed on to three Sony Spider-Man movies, plus his introduction in Civil War, and who knows if he’ll show up in Avengers: Infinity War, but maybe. Hopefully.

For now let’s just focus on giving Holland a warm Spider-Man welcome. If you’re still not too sure how well he’s going to mesh into the Avengers world, or if he’ll be able to handle whatever web-surfing stunts will be throw his way, I suggest checking out his Instagram, where Holland is already a natural at flying through the air. Welcome to the best superhero team around, Holland.

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