It appears the internet clued Tom Holland’s dad in on his son’s spider tattoo

In what we’re assuming is an act of serious love for his part as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Spider-Man Homecoming, Tom Holland got a spider tattoo on the bottom of his foot. (The actor recently modeled his new ink for the world to see, much to the delight of Reddit.)

But, it would appear that Tom didn’t keep his father, Dominic Holland, in the loop.

A Twitter user wrote about not being surprised by Tom’s spider tattoo. Dominic responded, shortly but effectively, “my son has a tattoo…” So, it looks like at least someone is surprised.

We have so many questions, the biggest being: Did Dominic really not know, or is he just pranking Twitter? It does seem like the prior…But in any case, Twitter responded with some feels about Tom apparently getting busted.





On the upside, if Tom is in big trouble with dad, at least Spider-Man: Homecoming seems to be doing well, as it’s already received glowing feedback. Catch the film for yourself when it slings into theaters on July 7th.