Tom Holland shared a video of himself right after wisdom tooth surgery

Even Spiderman has his struggles. Actor Tom Holland shared a video after wisdom tooth surgery, and it shows the star in a much different place than you’ve seen him before. For one, he accidentally thinks his ice pack is his cell phone. (He wasn’t too far off — his cell phone was actually in his other hand.)

There’s a special charm about wisdom tooth videos. Since patients are almost always feeling the aftermath of the anesthesia, nobody can really predict what they’ll do or say after the procedure.

Luckily for Holland, it’s not all that bad. Especially since he had buddy Harrison Osterfield and his brother Sam there to help him out.

Holland even managed to crack a small joke in his caption, revealing that only one wisdom tooth was extracted.

"Thanks lads for looking after me 😂 @hazosterfield@samholland1999! I feel 1/4 less wise haha," he said.

In the video, Holland seems a little out of sorts. As he tries to sit up (and chat on his ice pack, which gets a few laughs) he’s quickly moved into a position so that he doesn’t fall. As his friend states, he’s “doing great” based on the circumstance.

Since Holland posted the video himself on his own account, it’s obvious that he was able to see the humor in the situation.

 Since a ton of us have had to get wisdom teeth removed before, it’s a pretty relatable video.

We’re hoping that Holland heals up soon, since he’s got a lot on his plate. Pretty soon, the actor will be back in his Spiderman suit for the yet-to-be-titled sequel to Spiderman: Homecoming, which is set to be released in 2019.