Tom Holland just “confirmed” the most bizarre rumor about himself

In perhaps the strangest celeb news of the week…Tom Holland is hiding a frog in his mouth, confirming a recent fan theory on Tumblr (we know, we know…what?!).

For some context, Googling “Tom Holland frog” doesn’t yield search results about a childhood pet or a recent trip to the zoo, but it does lead to some bizarre theories and rumors that Tom is carrying around a frog in his mouth.

Still confused? So were we. Apparently, fans of the 21-year-old rising star took to Tumblr with the theory that he is not-so-stealthily hiding a frog in his mouth, first with Tumblr user opossume writing: “Ok tom holland is cute and all but he constantly looks like he’s hiding a frog in his mouth and it’s uncomfortably hopping around in there but he can’t open his mouth or the frogs gonna escape.”

Hmmm…like, maybe?

It seems other fans took notice of Tom’s tightly-sealed lips as a sign that there is some sort of small amphibious creature in there…and like all things on the internet, it quickly hopped around and became a viral internet meme.


Now, Tom revealed on Instagram that there actually is a frog chillin’ in his mouth.

No word on if Tom’s froggy friend has a name or how he got there, but we can only assume he enjoys the benefits of traveling the world doing all that Spider-Man: Homecoming promo. Here’s hoping he gets to enjoy a little room service and sightseeing, all from the comfort of Tom’s mouth. (And just in case there is ANY confusion, yes, Tom Holland is joking ya’ll!).

Ribbit ribbit!