Tom Hiddleston had the most mature thing to say about Taylor Swift at the Emmys

Although we’re a little sad that celebrity odd-but-cute couple Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are (allegedly) no longer a thing, we’re really glad to see that they are still, at the very least, speaking to one another. .


Since they only (and once again, allegedly) broke up a few weeks ago, we’re sure Tom Hiddleston was expecting questions about his famous ex at the 68th Annual Emmy Awards, and while his answer wasn’t the sort of gushing goodness we loved from him while they were together, it was at least positive.

When People asked whether he and Taylor Swift are still friends, he said, “yes. Yes we are.”


While hearing about the reported #Hiddleswift split felt a little like finding out our parents were getting divorced, we’re happy to hear that they’re still friends. That’s sort of the best case scenario when your parents split up, right?

Although, as Teen Vogue pointed out, we’re also really dying to know whether or not Tom Hiddleston kept his “I <3 T.S.” t-shirt following the break up, or if we should start scouring thrift stores in the U.K. for this sweet souvenir.

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