Tom Hiddleston says his nude scene is “very important,” and we agree

We’ve loved Tom Hiddleston in everything from The Avengers to Midnight in Paris, and there’s no doubt that we’ll love him in the upcoming indie film High-Rise, too. The experimental science fiction thriller’s gaining attention now after word got out about Hiddleston’s nude scene. Yep, his, um, behind even has its own hashtag, #Hiddlesbum. (Hah-hah, get it?)

Looks like the internet doesn’t mind though.

We agree.

But if we told you seeing Hiddleston’s behind is for a good cause, would you believe us?

When his character, pathologist Dr. Robert Laing, moves into a fancy apartment building (complete with swimming pools and a supermarket) full of all kinds of characters and scenarios, a neighbor (Sienna Miller) sees him sunbathing… nude. And a hashtag was born.

Dr. Laing “moves into the building to get away from the entanglements of real life,” Hiddleston said to E! News at the Tribeca Film Festival. “He’s excited by the anonymity of the building.”

Well, so much for that, right?

It’s no secret that Tom Hiddleston really gets into character for his onscreen roles. For this movie, he even watched a real autopsy as research. But did Hiddleston improvise the nudity scene, or was it scripted? Actually, it was written in the 1975 novel High-Rise, by J.G. Ballard, that the movie’s based on. “And [director] Ben Wheatly and Amy Jump, the screenwriter, thought it was very important to do so I had not problem doing it,” Hiddleston added.

Though, plot-wise, the sunbathing scene seems to be tame compared to what the high-rise’s inhabitants are up to. Since the apartment building has everything one needs to live on, tenants don’t really need to leave except to go to work. So, they create their own world, society, and class system within the building… and chaos ensues, of course. Sounds intriguing to us!

What did Miller think about #Hiddlesbum? “That’s so funny,” she said. “[Tom] doesn’t love it but he’s also very good at his job and professional so if the script calls for it, he will get his Hiddlesbum out.”

Tom Hiddleston found it funny, too, when he talked about nudity on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and said it was part of his studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. (Sign us up!) “There’s no class in #Hiddlesbum at RADA,” he said. “Actually…there’s always a moment in training where you’re given a role where you have to be comfortable with nakedness. I think they see it as part of the training.”

High-Rise will be available on demand on April 28 and be in theaters on May 13. To get you even more into it, here’s a trailer for the film. (Thank goodness April 28 is soon!)