Tom Hiddleston joins Instagram, posts perfect first Loki selfie

Loki might be back, but Tom Hiddleston is finally HERE…on Instagram, that is. His Instagram is already burdened with glorious purpose.

The disgraced adopted brother of the Norse God (who last we saw was dead, but actually not dead, have fun with that Thor!) is returning for the next upcoming, Ragnarok. Details are currently locked away and on the other side of the rainbow bridge right now, so it’s anyone’s guess exactly what’s going to go down when it’s time to face off, brother vs. brother (vs. Hulk).

The movie is currently shooting in Australia, and while we’ve already seen Hiddleston in the Loki wig, he wasn’t in full costume. Now he is. And what better way to really burst onto the Instagram scene than by giving us the Loki picture we’ve been craving forever?

Ah yes, it’s all here. The hair, the ridiculously overstated black and green ensemble that just screams “I was a troubled child,” and of course, the ROCK ON hand gesture. As Loki has done multiple times before in each prior Thor movie (just kidding, he’s never done that before).

Hopefully this means we can look forward to lots more pictures from the Thor set, Chris Hemsworth included. Maybe this might even mean that we’ll get a bigger peak into Hiddleston’s private life too (cough*Taylor Swift*cough).

It’s time to give the people what they want, Tom: More Loki pictures, and way more filtered pictures of your everyday life.

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