Tom Hiddleston impersonates Chris Evans. Our bodies melt.

There are many, many reasons we love Tom Hiddleston. Just a few include the fact that he is a major feminist, he’s a kindhearted gentleman, he plays crush-worthy villain Loki, and does a ton of charity work. Another thing we love about him is his ability to imitate basically every celebrity —his impressions on ON POINT and show off his impressive acting chops, make us laugh, and then make us swoon HARD.

Talking to E! News about his role in Guillermo del Toro‘s upcoming movie, Crimson Peak (which, BTW, looks ridiculously amazing), Hiddleson was asked to do a few impressions. He starts off by impersonating his Crimson Peak costar, Jessica Chastain, but then it’s time to get down to business. How about impersonating his Avengers co-star, Chris Evans?

First, if you’ve never seen him do a Chris Evans impression before, you need to fill that gaping void in your life immediately. Before Hiddleston starts this one, he apologizes to Evans, mentioning that “he’s amazing.” Then, Hiddleston seamlessly slips into Captain America’s personality. There are lots of “dudes,” and exaggerated hand motions, which is really something Evans does in lots and lots of interviews (not that I’ve watched lots and lots of interviews in my spare time or anything like that).

Check out the amazing video below that will make you giggle, and then melt into a puddle of Hiddleston feels. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Loki would TOTALLY approve this.

(Image via YouTube)

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