Tom Hiddleston is able to impersonate ALL the celebrities, because his acting talent knows no bounds

If you didn’t know — but you probably do know because you’re obsessed with this beautiful, wonderful human —  Tom Hiddleston can do a lot of impressions. It would be safe to say that he loves to do impressions of other famous people, whether he’s met them or not. A great pick-me-up is Hiddleston’s spot-on impression of his Avengers co-star, Chris Evans, but his list of impressions includes so many others, not just those in the Marvel world.

Like who? You name it, he can do it, because he’s JUST THAT GOOD. Stopping by The Graham Norton Show the other day, Hiddleston was joined by Kenneth Branagh, and Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, out to promote their new movie, The Intern. Norton took this opportunity to bring up good and bad impressions of De Niro, and then threw it back to Hiddleston, giving him the stage to flex his impression muscles.

First up, he does a perfect Owen Wilson, followed by Christopher Walken. And then, it’s Bob De Niro time (can we call him Bob?).

Hiddleston explains that he knows “whole pages of Heat,” the crime thriller starring De Niro and Al Pacino. He does a solo reenactment of one of the scenes of the movie, jumping from a Pachino impression, to one of De Niro. Even De Niro is impressed.

And then Hiddleston totally geeks out about sitting on the same couch as De Niro, and they jump into a conversation about Heat, a movie that came out in 1995, not like any of them have any current films to talk about. It’s fine, though, because we’re willing to let Hiddleston do whatever he wants. The “whatever he wants” also includes an impression of host Norton.

Check out the videos below, and try as hard as you can not to fall even more in love with Hiddleston.

(Image via YouTube)