Prepare to see Tom Hiddleston like you’ve never seen him before

Tom Hiddleston is a man with many different talents, and he wears many different hats. Now, he is literally wearing a big hat, and it’s honestly making us love him so much more. Sony Pictures Classics just released the first image of Hiddleston as music legend Hank Williams in the upcoming biopic about his life, I Saw The Light. Didn’t think it was possible to swoon any more over this guy, but it’s actually possible. And it’s happening right now.

For comparison, here’s a vintage pic of the real Hank Williams from 1951.

Hiddleston has got the 10-gallon hat. He’s got the suit. He’s got a tiny smirk. But does he actually have the singing chops to pull off Williams’ iconic tunes? We don’t actually have to wait until the movie’s release for that answer. Because the answer is yes. Last year Hiddleston took to the stage at Wheatland Music Festival and sang Williams’ first big hit, “Move It On Over.” If you need to compare that to William’s OG song, go ahead – but there’s no denying that Hiddleston does in fact sound like him, and can clearly play the guitar, to boot.

The movie won’t just be about watching Hiddleston sing (even though we’d gladly sit through two-hours of that). I Saw The Light will tell the story of William’s rise to fame, and his constant battle with inner demons, like alcoholism and prescription drug abuse. Though Williams died way too young at age 29, he left behind an amazing music legacy that’s still inspiring artists today. Seriously. Listen to “Your Cheatin Heart.”

I Saw The Light opens in select cities in November 27th, with a wide release scheduled for shortly thereafter.

(Image via Sony Picture Classics, Shutterstock, Wikipedia)