Tom Hiddleston posted the most cryptic Instagram video, but we figured it out

On Wednesday, November 14th, Tom Hiddleston posted a video to his Instagram account that had many fans scratching their heads. The professionally-made clip featured the actor in a suit, silently walking down an alleyway toward the camera. He stops a few feet short of the lens, seemingly recognizing something or someone off-camera. He stares for several seconds (we can’t see what he’s looking at from our vantage point), and then tears well up in his eyes as dramatic music swells. He looks toward the ground just as the word “BETRAYAL” flashes across the screen. The video has been viewed over 400,000 times as of the morning of November 15th.

And um, what? Is Tom okay?

Is this a teaser for a new movie? Perhaps the world’s saddest new perfume? Thankfully, some quick Googling led us to an answer: It turns out Hiddleston will be starring in the play Betrayal by Harold Pinter on the London stage. According to The Guardian, the play will run from March to June of 2019 and “tells the story of two married couples and a seven-year extramarital affair.”

Harold Pinter is a Nobel-prize winning playwright and is known as one of the greatest dramatists of all time…and there’s no doubt in our minds that Hiddleston is going to crush the role he’s in. Now excuse us while we rewatch the above clip on repeat for the next hour so we can soak up every detail of Hiddleston’s highly nuanced mini-performance.

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