Tom Hardy reading a bedtime story is the most adorable and relaxing thing in the world

People all over the world are completely loosing it after Tom Hardy read a bedtime story on New Year’s Eve on children’s television.

When he’s not busy making us swoon by holding a dog, or making us melt inside by playing with dogs, or making us laugh with anecdotes of having to get Leonardo DiCaprio’s name tattooed on him, or being a badass by shutting down sexist interview questions, Tom Hardy is busy being an amazing actor and dad to his two children.

However, somewhere along the way Tom Hardy found time to take a break to read us all a bedtime story.

While many of us were out celebrating and bringing in the New Year, Tom Hardy was taking part in the BBC’s CBeebies Bedtime Stories show, a program that airs just as young children are getting ready to go to bed.

Sitting comfortably with his dog Woody, Hardy is surrounded by stuffed animals as he begins reading You Must Bring a Hat, written by Simon Philip and illustrated by Kate Hindley. The story follows the journey of one boy’s attempt to get into a party in which he must have a hat. It might actually be the cutest and most adorable thing of all time.

Okay, isn’t that just the most soothing thing ever? Of course, people on the internet totally lost it, too.


While Tom Hardy might enjoy a reading children’s stories, his latest upcoming role in the TV drama Taboo doesn’t necessarily look that child friendly.

The eight-part period drama follows the story of an adventurer returning to Britain to seek revenge for the death of his father. Hardy wrote the drama alongside his father, which has also been produced by Ridley Scott.

While we definitely love Tom Hardy reading us a bedtime story (can we make that a nightly occurrence, yeah?), we also can’t wait to see Taboo when it comes to FX on January 10th.