A brief history of Tom Hardy lip syncing

Odds are good that you already know about Dubsmash, the app lets you lip-sync to your favorite songs, and sometimes movie quotes, in :15 seconds or less so you can upload your video to Instagram and Twitter and share them with the WORLD. We’ve seen many strong Dubsmash contenders over the past few months (hi, Lena Dunham!), but we have just found the guy who’s going to take home the Dubsmash gold: Tom Hardy.

Yes, that Tom Hardy. One of the biggest action stars right now, still fresh on our minds from his role in Mad Max: Fury Road this summer. It’s actually Hardy’s stunt double in Mad Max, Jacob Tomuri, who has brought these Dubsmash masterpieces to our attention. The two naturally became close during filming, and as best friends they now create lip-sync videos together.

Hardy’s Dubsmash videos have been online for a while, but the world found out about them only earlier this week when 50 Cent — yes, that 50 Cent — posted a few to his Instagram. Turns out, Hardy does a pretty good impression of 50 Cent. Who knew? We now do, because we’ve watched the videos a hundred times so far (just be careful, the lyrics are NSFW remember).

What else has Hardy tackled in Dubsmash? We’ve got Simon and Garfunkel.

We’ve got the Beach Boys

And a NSFW Wu-Tang Clan

Then we’ve got some Annie, and a special guest appearance from stunt double Tomuri.


A clip of Hardy singing Whitney Houston


Also, Grease!


Looks like Hardy’s secret talent isn’t so secret anymore. Keep the Dubsmash videos coming!

Image via Warner Bros.