Welcome to Tom Hardy Holding Dogs, your new favorite Instagram account

There are many reasons why we adore Tom Hardy, and now, you can follow one of those reasons on Instagram. Would you like to see daily pictures of Hardy cuddling with some sweet dogs? The answer is, of course, yes. So welcome to your new favorite Instagram account: tomhardyholdingdogs. The world works in magnificent ways.

In case you weren’t aware, Hardy loves dogs. Hardy especially loves his own dog, Woody, who he actually took with him to the red carpet premiere of his latest movie, Legend. Yeah, Hardy was like, “a date? Who needs ’em? Let me bring my best friend, Woody!” (Don’t worry, Hardy brought his wife, Charlotte Riley, too).

But Hardy’s love for dogs doesn’t stop at the red carpet. Now, thanks to tomhardyholdingdogs, we can witness all the beautiful moments between Hardy and his canine pals.

For starters, here’s Hardy, Riley, and Woody hanging out on the Legend red carpet.

Then, how about Hardy affectionately kissing this li’l pup.

And realize that Hardy is willing to sacrifice his own warmth to keep this little one comfortable.

Hardy and a puppy, ready for any kind of action.

Sometimes Hardy mixes it up and doesn’t cuddle just one dog, but TWO.

Just take a second and LOOK AT THAT FACE (both Hardy’s and the dog’s).

Like, you don’t realize how many dogs Hardy has befriended until you see them all on one Instagram feed.

So if you’re in need of a Hardy and puppy pick-me-up today, you know exactly where to go. 

(Images via Instagram)


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