That “Tom Hardy Holding Dogs” Instagram has so many new pics, and you’re welcome in advance

Back in 2015, we reported on an Instagram account called “Tom Hardy Holding Dogs,” which — you guess it — was full of adorable pictures of Tom Hardy holding doggos!

And because last week was the actor’s 40th birthday, we took it upon ourselves to see what Mr. Hardy has been up to recently…which of course brought us back to the aforementioned Instagram account. And lucky us: There are tons of new Tom-Hardy-holding-dog pics since we last checked in.

Praise be!

And because it’s Monday and we are kind, generous souls, we thought we would take it upon ourselves to share some of the cutest new posts. You’re welcome in advance.

(We can’t start off this list without paying tribute to Woodstock, AKA Woody, Tom Hardy’s beloved late dog.)

And here’s some more…try not to melt into a giant puddle on the floor.

Okay, put a fork in us. Because we’re DONE.

Seriously, we’ve seen all we need for the week, and we’re ready to just call it quits and spend the next five days in a Tom-Hardy-induced-ecstasy coma.

Oh, and when Hardy isn’t busy cuddling dogs, he’s been starring in giant mega-franchises, like the upcoming Star Wars movie and the Mad Max sequel. Not to mention Season 2 of his FX historical drama, Taboo.

Basically, we’ll be seeing a lot of Tom on our screens in the coming year (hallelujah!). And until then, we can of course keep getting our fix on the Tom Hardy Holding Dogs Insta account. (What’s that? One more for the road? But of course).

Le sigh.