Tom Hardy is now helping dogs find their forever homes, because he’s a very good dude

We knew Tom Hardy was a real-life hero even before he stopped an actual robbery last spring. Now Super Tom is back at it, saving the world one adorable puppy at a time. A few days ago, the actor and professional dog enthusiast really outdid himself perfect-man-wise: His Instagram post about a litter of abandoned pups probably helped get them all adopted. Cue all the awwwws.

A little context: Tom Hardy, like all of us, is obsessed with dogs. Approximately 70 percent of his social media posts include images of his four-legged friends. He’s brought his dog as his date to movie premieres. When his Good Boy Woody died last year, he wrote a heartfelt tribute with accompanying video montage that nearly destroyed us. There’s even an entire glorious Instagram account devoted to pictures of him holding various canines to remind us there sometimes still is good in the world.

But back to the abandoned puppies — when a box full of weeks-old Staffordshire terriers was discovered in a London park this week, Hardy shared a photo of them, saying he “[wanted] to house them all”:

The little buddies were brought to nearby Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. And according to the shelter’s Instagram account, they’ve now all found homes. While that may very well be due to how seriously adorable these puppies are to begin with, we’re guessing Hardy’s message to his 554,000 followers didn’t hurt. He’s seriously adorable too, after all.

"Luckily they all have homes lined up as soon as they’re old enough," the Battersea team wrote in their post.

It’s been a big week for Hardy. Not only did we learn he’s a puppy-saving legend. We also learned a long-lost mixtape he created under the rapper name *Tommy No. 1* exists. It’s almost too much for our hearts to handle. Almost. If you, like us, plan to ride this wave of Hardy-inspired FEELINGS right into the weekend, might we suggest topping off this story with a video Hardy created in honor of his dearly departed Woody?

You’re welcome.