Tom Hardy brought an awesome date to his movie premiere

Guess who Tom Hardy brought to the London premiere of his upcoming film Legend?

If you’re thinking, “Ooooh was it me and I’m just suffering from amnesia!?” we have some rough news for you: His date was his dog Woody.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Labrador mix kind of stole the show. Hardy’s wife, Charlotte Riley, was also in attendance, and was happy to give Woody the spot next to her husband. Which is good news because, based on these photos, it looks like he was going to take it anyway.  

But even Woody gets bored of red carpets. Maybe someone had a liver treat, or he saw a cat?

This isn’t the first time Hardy has shown his dog-lover side on the red carpet, either. In September of last year, he was photographed re-bonding with pit-bull pal Zora, one of his costars in his movie The Drop, at its premiere in New York.

“I’m an absolute sucker for dogs, and I normally find a dog on every film I do,” Hardy told Refinery29 that same month. “They always end up in the house somehow, even if I have to take it from someone’s car. I’ve got no scruples. There’s always a way for a stray.”

Between bringing his dog as his date to a movie premiere and rumors of his potential casting as the next James Bond, we can’t get enough of Tom Hardy’s awesomeness today. If he goes skydiving with elephants dressed as Pee-Wee Herman this weekend, we won’t be the least bit surprised.

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