Tom Hanks is terrified of a building, and now so are we

Twitter is truly a rollercoaster of emotions, and even Tom Hanks seems to agree. On June 2nd, Hanks tweeted a picture of a very tall, very dark, vary window-less building. With an accompanying caption that is both true and hilarious, Hanks has us all wondering.

What does go on in that building?

The twitter replies were both helpful and hilarious. Ranging from jokes about Danaerys Targaryan keeping her dragons in the building to Men in Black references, it seems like many of us agree. It’s a pretty scary building.

Eventually, someone hopped into Hanks’ mentions and provided a true answer. The building is called the “Long Lines Building,” and may actually be an NSA spyscraper. Designed in 1947, the building is located in the middle of Manhattan and is scary on purpose. According to the Atlas Obscura, the building was originally, and is still today, used by AT&T.

Basically, it is a super important building.

The article also goes on to say that the building is supposedly able to handle “nuclear fallout” and exist “off-grid for up to two weeks without issue.”

Wow. Who knew Manhattan was home to such a creepy, important building?

It doesn’t seem like Hanks will probably be allowed to take a tour, but since he’s drawn so much attention to it with one tweet, maybe they will extend him an offer?

But of course, there’s one other possibility.

One thing we know for sure — the building is certainly Tower-of-Terror-esque creepy. Seems like a place David S. Pumpkins might reside.

If you remember, in October, Tom Hanks drove the internet to total insanity with his bizarre new character on Saturday Night Live.

And we’re just sayin’, David Pumpkins lived in a haunted building called “100 Floors of Frights.” Can you think of a better location for this ride than a bizarre windowless building that might be connected to superspies?

We didn’t think so.

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