Tom Hanks’ mystery student has been found!

America’s favorite nice guy, Tom Hanks, found a student ID in the park the other day. Since he’s an amazing human, Hanks decided to use his celebrity powers for good, and track down this student. He took to Twitter, posted a picture of the ID, which was then re-tweeted over 8,000 times. In less than 24-hours, the ID’s owner, Lauren, was found! And she’d really like her ID back, Tom.

Fordham University student, Lauren, stopped by Good Morning America to talk about her past day, and how one second she was on a run through the park, and the next second she was trying to Instagram, and the third second, her ID slipped out. She didn’t realize, and continued on with her run. Returning home, she didn’t know where her ID had gone, and continued on without it.

As Lauren explains on GMA, she doesn’t have a Twitter, so she didn’t even realize that the star of You’ve Got Mail/Castaway/Toy Story/the upcoming Bridge of Spies had her ID in the first place. She was sitting in the library doing homework, when her professor emailed her a link to Hanks’ tweet.

After that, Lauren didn’t get any homework done.

But she still doesn’t have her ID! Lauren had to pay $20 to get a brand new ID (and for anyone who has ever lost their college ID and needed it replaced ASAP for the meal plan, WE FEEL YOU). She’s still waiting on her OG ID that has been graced by the kind hands of Hanks, and as she jokes on GMA, if Hanks is still looking for her, she’s RIGHT HERE.

This story will of course have a happy ending, as all Hanks stories do. Until then, we’ll wait for its epic conclusion, which should probably happen just like the end of You’ve Got Mail, where Hanks has Lauren meet him at a very specific time in the park. And then is like, “don’t cry, Fordham University Student Lauren.”

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