Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert ask the big questions, make you question everything

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert keeps getting better and better. The late night talk show host has really found his groove with monologues, guests and recurring segments. So far one of our favorites is “Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars,” a bit Colbert has done with Scarlett Johansson, and most recently, Tom Hanks.

The premise is simple: Stephen relaxes on a plaid blanket with a big star, gazing into the night sky among the fireflies and croaking frogs. They take turns asking each other some of life’s biggest and unanswered questions. Stephen and Tom — or Steveroo and Tommy-o, as they call each other — really make us think.

Why do you think bad things happen to good people? What would you do with a time machine? What do you think Santa does during the summer? That last one really blew Hanks’ mind. Watch the clip to see their amazingly creative answers!

IMHO, the best is when Hanks asks, “What really scares you?” And Colbert replies, saying, “Knowing that every time I move, there’s a spooky skeleton inside my body doing exactly the same thing.”

There’s also this gem. Colbert asks, “What’s the best idea for a movie that’s never been made?” And Hanks immediately answers, “An action thriller about an elite team of secret service dogs that protect the President’s dog. It’s called In the Line of Fur.” Clearly, this is not the first time Tom Hanks has pondered life’s biggest questions!

(Image via YouTube.)