Tom Hanks did a perfect rendition of his rap from “Big” because of course he did

The beloved Tom Hanks has been making more public appearances lately to promote his awesome new movie, Inferno. Despite the fact that the movie itself is not a comedy, he has been hilarious and charming (as usual) throughout his press tour. He’s been delighting audiences all over the globe and reminding us why he’s been one of our favorite actors (and people) for several decades.

Just when we thought Hanks couldn’t get any more wonderful, he did an absolutely spot on performance of his iconic rap from Big and melted our hearts forever.

The moment was captured by Wesley Chan and Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions, who were at the Florence, Italy premiere of InfernoThe men were about to meet Ron Howard and Tom Hanks and were capturing their pre-meeting excitement, when Wang admitted he was going to ask the film star to collaborate with him in an awesome way.

Wang said he had memorized the rap from Big when he was a kid and wanted to see if Hanks would help make his dreams come true by doing it with him.

Not only did Hanks do the rap word for word perfect, he also did the hand gestures and same energy he had back when he first did it in 1988.

In Big, Hanks uses the rap to remind his best friend that he was still the same guy he’s always been even though he looked older. It seems only fitting that he does it now to remind us that he’s still the same lovable treasure of a man that he’s always been after all these years.

Inferno premieres this Friday, October 28. Though he may not be dancing and rapping in the film, we have no doubt Hanks will sparkle onscreen as he always does.