Meryl Streep just officially endorsed a candidate for 2020 — Tom Hanks

One of our absolute FAVES, Tom Hanks, is already the Commander in Chief of our hearts, so adding on a few more presidential duties doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch. At least, that’s what Meryl Streep has in mind for Tom Hanks, and when have we ever gone against Meryl’s guidance? The actress — who was just nominated for a Golden Globe, as was Hanks — recently said that her The Post co-star has her vote.

Hanks was sitting next to Streep when the impromptu campaign ad came about and, in classic Hanks fashion, he humbly buried his face in his hands at Streep’s gushing. Director Steven Spielberg — who was seated next to Hanks, because apparently this was the best panel *ever* — looks on, as the rest of us do, in charmed delight.

The pair were answering questions to promote The Post (in theaters December 22nd).

The film tells the story of groundbreaking Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham (Streep) and editor Ben Bradlee (Hanks) working together to reveal 1970s government secrets that would eventually help take down the then-president. Presumably because movie execs were scared the world might implode if too much raw grace and talent was combined on one set, this is the pair’s first project together. false

Streep’s comments were likely just meant to compliment her co-star, but honestly, we think she may be onto something. Saturday Night Live already floated the idea of Hanks’ name on a presidential ticket back in May. Though, in that case, the actor would have been second in command to fellow American Treasure, The Rock.

But Tom Hanks in charge seems maybe even more fitting — especially if we can convince Meryl Streep to join him as VP.

Aside from his real-life track record of giving the world hope in the face of darkness and generously surprising his fans, Hanks’ movie resume would definitely come in handy in the Oval Office. After all, the man knows how to survive on a desert island, lead troops into battle, manage a hit-making ’60s pop band, save a toy spaceman from the sadist next door, and captain a shrimpin’ boat. What more could we ask for?

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