Tom Fletcher sings a duet with his baby boy, makes us feel so emotional

Tom Fletcher is bonkers talented in all things music — after all, he does lead vocals, ukelele, piano, AND guitar for U.K. pop rock band McFly — but we’d say his ultimate expertise lies in hitting us DIRECTLY in the feels. Need evidence? OK, let’s see. . . there’s the time when he posted an absolutely gorgeous time-lapse video of him serenading his wife, Giovanna, as her tummy swells with their child, Buzz. Oh, and there’s the adorable vid of baby Buzz giggling hysterically over dandelion seeds. Seriously, that laugh is truly contagious.

Well, now, Tom has combined both of his talents, both musical and emotional, and TBH, the resulting video might be our fave yet. On Sunday, Tom posted a super cute vid of baby Buzz and himself performing the sweetest duet. The song? The Commodore’s “Easy.” And it’s probably the most precious thing we’ve ever seen.

First, Tom posted a selfie with Buzz, with Tom looking adorably exhausted and Buzz looking pretty sassy. “Up,” Tom wrote in the Instagram caption. “Already watched Muppets and The Lion King. Easy like a Sunday morning.” Hey, sounds like a solid Sunday to us.

But that wasn’t the end of Tom’s Sunday Instagramming. Looks like his first caption sparked a musical idea, because shortly after, he posted a video of the dynamic duo workin’ on their duet skills. “We’re feeling easy,” Tom captioned the video on Instagram. Buzz has a bit of a hard time getting out the words, but his voice is oh-so-sweet, and Tom’s clearly showin’ him the ropes. The vid has since received almost 115,000 likes, with comments coming to the consensus that never before has the word “cuteness” been so perfectly encapsulated in a vid.

Easy like a Sunday morning, indeed. We can already tell that Buzz inherited his daddy’s musical genes, and we can’t wait to see him put them to good use, but in the meantime, we’ll probably just watch this lovely duet over and over. SO CUTE. Thanks for sharing, Tom, and way to put your talents to good use once again. Our emotions may need a bit of time to recoup, so give us a few days, K?

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