Tom Cruise can hold his breath for over 6 minutes and even hearing him talk about it is freaking us out

Most of us can hold our breath if we have to, like if we’re swimming, and we probably had contests with our friends when we were young to see who could hold their breath the longest. Amirite?!

Well, Tom Cruise was just on The Graham Norton Show and revealed that he can hold his breath — for six-and-a-half minutes (!).



Cruise was on the show talking about his new movie, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, which just came out in U.S. theaters October 21st.

ICYMI, in the film, Cruise and Cobie Smulders try to find out the truth behind a major government conspiracy. We’re intrigued and will def check it out this weekend.

But back to Cruise holding his breath for what seems like for-ever.

Via The Graham Norton Show, we learned that it’s all about him sometimes doing his own stunts. And in the last Mission Impossible movie, he did so, he said — by holding his breath for those aforementioned six-and-a-half minutes.

That is in-sane, people.


The average person can hold their breath for 30 seconds, according to Slate. Yep, 30 seconds. So that means Cruise held his breath 13 times as long. (There should be an Oscar for that, right?!)

Of course, people can be trained to hold their breath for longer periods of time. Cruise said that free divers trained him how to do it.

“It’s not pleasant, he said on the show. “You get to the moment where you train your system.

But did he break a world record?


As of February 28, 2016, Aleix Segura Vendrell did — after holding his breath for 24 minutes and 3.45 seconds, reported Guinness World Records.

Note: Do not try this at home. These are trained professionals.

In the clip below, you can watch more of Cruise talking about how he did it.