Tom Cruise had a scary stunt accident on set, and here’s what we know

Even though this guy has been doing his own stunts for years, occasionally there are hiccups. Tom Cruise was injured while filming Mission Impossible 6, and there are a lot of unknowns as far as whether this will affect the production schedule and release date. But here’s what we know so far: Cruise was performing a stunt that required him to leap off some scaffolding (attached to safety ropes) and land on a building platform, and then comes the UH-OH moment…

He didn’t quite make the landing as intended.

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Apparently, he didn’t make the jump, instead slamming into the side of a building and catching himself on a ledge with his arms. Cruise was seen limping directly after the stunt went wrong. However, like the professional badass that he is, Cruise didn’t make a scene. He simply waited to be lifted by the ropes and taken back to the starting point, where we assume he received medical attention.

It’s terrifying when stunts go wrong, but, according to colleagues, Cruise is known for wanting to do his own stunts to make his films feel as authentic as possible.

In an a 2015 interview with Variety, Rogue Nation stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood said, “There are shortcuts, but Tom doesn’t like doing it that way. He feels that it takes away from the character and the acting.

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We just hope that his injury isn’t too severe and that he takes the time to heal properly before returning to complete any more stunts. The world needs you in one piece, Tom!

And we’re of course looking forward to seeing Mission Impossible 6 next July, because it’s a franchise that never disappoints. Rest up, buddy!