Tom Cruise acted out his entire movie career in nine minutes with James Corden, and thank you, world

Re-enacting the entire movie career of an A-list star in under ten minutes seems like a tall order, but James Corden and Tom Cruise revisited Cruise’s filmography and it was a perfect celebration of his work (not to mention a brilliant promotion for the Jack Reacher sequel). Remember, Corden is the mastermind who parodied Kanye’s “Fade” video and turned “Game of Thrones” into a Broadway musical, so Cruise was in the best of hands.

So yeah, nothing is out of the realm of possibility. And if it wasn’t obvious already, Cruise’s portfolio is amazing AF! Every film parodied is a gigantic blockbuster: Mission ImpossibleTop GunTropic ThunderEdge of Tomorrow to name literally just a few.

Let’s just say his movies are given new life in this nine-minute-montage (and no spoilers, but Minority Report is a standout). There’s even a cameo from one of Cruise’s Jerry Maguire co-stars! Are you mentally prepared for this madness?! STRAP IN!

Even though Cruise claimed to not be totally ready at the beginning, and even though pants didn’t come off in Risky Business, the humor wasn’t lost on him and he was a great sport all the way through.

What a legend.


It must be seriously hard not to break character and laugh uncontrollably with Corden around!

Oh and ummmm, this is making us want to binge watch some Tom Cruise classics. Meaning all of his films ever. See you in about a week.

H/T: Vulture