Tom Brady opened up about his mom’s cancer, and we truly feel for him

While we’re still on a celebratory high for Tom Brady and his fifth Super Bowl win, our hearts are going out to his family as they deal with an aggressive illness.

In a WEEI 93.7 FM radio interview, Brady discussed his mom Galynn’s battle with cancer as well as how her treatment is progressing.

She’s been going through chemotherapy over the last year, but Brady is positive about the future.

"Mom is doing better. She’s been through a lot and my dad’s been through a lot. It’s been a really hard year for them. [...] The prognosis is good," he said in the interview.

Brady went on to call his mom “the best mom in the world.” Given how glad we were to hear that Galynn was able to attend the Super Bowl (after missing most of Brady’s recent games) and see her son perform so well, we can’t imagine how important and special that must be for him. “It was a nice win for her,” he said in the same interview.

He added that perhaps there was “healing energy” at the game, and that he’s praying for her to turn a corner. We’re praying too, because it’s clear that Brady and his mom are very close.

And she’s a crucial member of this incredibly strong team.

Sending so much love and an abundance of healing vibes to Brady and his mom as they fight this disease together. An unpredictable and aggressive disease like cancer should never be fought alone, so we’re glad that Galynn has a support network of people who are there every step of the way.

We hope that 2017 brings good news, and that her treatment continues to move forward at a steady pace.