Tom Brady is finally on Instagram, and his first pictures show that he’s a true weekend warrior

Some celebrities are plugged into social media on a level we can’t help but envy. They keep up with Twitter, post regularly to Instagram, and their Snapchat account is the envy of millions. Other celebs prefer a bit of a more low-profile approach to the online world. But when those low-key celebrities decide to step into social media, we can’t help but be excited. The latest star to sign up for Instagram is football icon Tom Brady, who greeted the social network with his signature style.

Although Brady has only posted two photos so far to his Instagram account, he’s already amassed over 713,000 followers. Not bad for your first day on the site! And the picture itself is doubtlessly helping to up his follower count: it features Brady enjoying some softly falling snow in a winter wonderland. The only unusual aspect of the image is Brady’s outfit: it’s not exactly what you’d describe as winter-friendly outerwear.

Decked in a baseball hat, sweat pants, and a white t-shirt — and absolutely nothing else — Brady must have been feeling the chill as he posed for his first Instagram picture (we wonder if his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, is the one who snapped the photo). His commentary on the photo sums up the paradox between his wardrobe and the weather: you wouldn’t think a California boy could love the cold so much, but he seems to revel in it. And is that a Game of Thrones reference we see?

On Sunday, Brady shared a cozy snap doing what most every football fan is doing today — catching the NFL playoffs with his daughter.

Tom Brady has definitely made a memorable entrance to Instagram, and it looks like his account is going to be a lot of fun for everyone to witness.