Tom and Donna from ‘Parks and Rec’ just had the cutest reunion

Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle are back, baby! Actors Aziz Ansari and Retta became BFFs both on and off screen during their time filming Parks and Rec. It was there they coined their beloved catchphrase, Treat yo self. Since then, the philosophy has become a way of life.

The two reunited recently in New York City and naturally, thy treated themselves. Retta posted a truly wonderful Dubsmash video of the duo lip syncing along to their famous moment, documenting the lovefest.

It truly was the best day of the year, as they would say. And the best part is, you can recreate this again and again yourself using Dubsmash! In honor of Tom and Donna’s glorious reunion, here are some of the other times they’ve treated themselves. A few weeks ago, Aziz posted this pic celebrating Treat Yo Self Day.  

Here they are treating themselves on the Parks and Rec set.

Remember that one time there was a Treat yo self cake?  

Aziz and Retta even treat themselves in cartoon form.

Featured image via Instagram