These toilet paper wedding dresses are surprisingly fancy

If you have even been to a wedding shower, the concept of  toilet paper wedding dresses probably isn’t that foreign, but trust us. You’ve never, ever seen wedding dresses quite like this.

The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Competition in New York features gorgeous wedding dresses made exclusively out of bath tissue. From a glance, you wouldn’t even be able to tell. All the details make these dresses wedding ready. Check out the beading, the lacework, and the accessories. These dresses are gorgeous, and you would never guess they come from a 2-ply material. Each designer crafted a one of a kind masterpiece, and it seems like the models really enjoyed wearing them.

Mashable put together a video of the top dresses. The results are completely incredible. You won’t believe how they move and flow as the models move down the runway. It’s insane that these dresses aren’t made out of traditional materials, but you’ll probably want them anyway.

As you can tell, each dress requires intricate design and careful construction, and takes incredible talent to complete. They are hand-crafted, and they make each dress completely unique.

This is every bride’s dream – to wear a dress that no one has ever worn before, right?

Although the practicality of the dresses might leave something to be desired, you definitely can’t argue the beauty and grace of each.

As beautiful as these gowns are to look at, and as comfortable as they are, we do have some questions. What happens when you sweat? Do they hold up in the rain? What about the humidity? How do you store them after? Or do you just flush them away? We hope not.