This toddler is terrified of her own shadow and it’s too “awwww” for words

This poor little girl is seriously precious. She’s truly terrified by her own shadow, which actually makes me feel a little guilty for enjoying this video so much. But I’m not the only one (so I guess that makes it okay?). This sweet video was posted on Facebook and has been viewed by millions — 17 million to be exact. It’s been shared more than 600,00 times, too. I think it’s safe to call it viral at this point.

The video starts with our adorable little heroine looking a little fussy, prompting her mom to suggest she’s ready to “go night night.” As they turn to head in for the night, the little girl makes a startling discovery: her shadow. Do you remember the moment you discovered your shadow? If it was anything close to as epic as this girl’s discovery, I feel like you would.

She looks down and sees she’s being followed by her shadow and instantly FREAKS OUT. She screams and tries to run away, but as those of us aware of how shadows work know, it’s a futile attempt. Shadows pretty much inescapable, as long as there’s light positioned to cast them. The poor girl gets so freaked out that she topples backward, which I hate to admit is completely and totally adorable.

Lucky for her, the video cuts out then, which I assume means her mom runs to help her out. Videos like this are life affirming, but I have to admit they also make me seriously question my maternal instincts. This little girl is so stinking cute, yet I still get pleasure out of seeing her topple over. Does that mean I’m not ready for motherhood? Should I think this is more worrisome than adorably hilarious?

Whatever the case may be on my maternal instincts, I don’t think I’m alone. If the videos impressive number of views and shares is any indication, the Internet seems to be on the same page as me. Watch the video yourself because it might actually make your entire day.

(Image via Facebook.)

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