A toddler kept stealing popcorn from Prince Harry, his reaction wins the internet

If and when you’re ever seated next to a member of the British royal family, one should keep their composure, be polite, and never steal popcorn. One little girl didn’t quite get that message. This toddler kept stealing Prince Harry’s popcorn, and when he finally realizes, his reaction is priceless.

Two-year-old Emily Henson, daughter of Paralympian Dave Henson, was seated on her mother Hayley’s lap next to Prince Harry at the Invictus Games last night. While Harry chatted it up with the gentleman next to him, Emily took it upon herself to dive into his popcorn.

Hey, if you’re going to leave your popcorn there, Harry, Emily’s going to take advantage.


Neither mom nor Harry noticed Emily’s sneaky maneuvers right away. But when Harry finally caught her in the act, he was a bit stunned by the brazen baby.


But how can you stay upset with a little popcorn-loving munchkin like Emily? Harry certainly couldn’t, so he decided to share.


Ultimately, the royal and the toddler became BFFs and hung out for the rest of the evening.



And as much as we love the photo evidence, the video of the two becoming life-long friends is even better:


Yeah, Harry’s officially a royal who loves babies. Our hearts are melted all over the floor.

Maybe rather than being polite and keeping one’s composure when around a royal, one should just go straight for stealing their popcorn. It worked for Emily, so in theory, it should work for us too, right? Right?

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