This toddler has no chill with Siri

Nice to meet you. I love you.

Ah, love at first sight. It happens that fast sometimes. At least it did when this cute little toddler met Siri for the first time. Siri and the three-year-old exchanged pleasantries, and BOOM the little girl was smitten. Maybe it was the way Siri so crisply said, “I was designed by Apple in California.” (Backstory is important in romance, you know.) Or maybe it was the way gazing into the screen of an iPhone made the little girl’s heart beat fast. Perhaps the moment she really fell in love was when Siri told her it was 7:44 p.m. Either way, she fell, you guys. She fell hard. So hard she just couldn’t keep her chill and blurted out, “I love you so much.” To which Siri responded, “I don’t understand.”

AWKWARD. Oh, little girl. We sympathize. We really do.

She’s not giving up, though. Because hey, her crush is REAL. Eventually Siri comes to her senses. (Yay true love!) Check out her adorable response in the video below:

[Image and video via YouTube.]

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