This toddler having a meltdown on live TV is basically all of us

Nobody puts Baby in the corner, and in this case, nobody puts a toddler in a car seat. Pennsylvania has a new car seat law that goes into effect this month, so to show moms and dads everywhere how to correctly put kids in their car seats, Good Day Philadelphia decided to do a live demo.

Let’s just say Good Day Philadelphia might not film kids on live TV for a while, because the toddler they used in the demonstration was not having it. From the jump, 23-month-old Noah was not a fan of his car seat, and, quite frankly, the cameras.

To calm Noah down, co-host Mike Jerrick handed over his mic and it seemed to entertain the tot. While Noah’s mom, Tori, tried getting her son into the car seat, Mike dashed out of there to speak with Gina from the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.


“He’s tearing the car apart,” Mike said. “Can somebody come over and help?”

Noah could care less that he was kicking, screaming, and tearing down the minivan’s interior on live TV. For being a tiny tot, Noah is one strong toddler. Even after Tori finally sat Noah in his car seat, the toddler wiggled his way out of it.

“Now, should he be upside down like he is?” Mike said, laughing.

At this point, the co-host wasn’t even paying attention to the expert on the new law. Mike couldn’t keep it together, and had to ask Gina to explain herself again.


“So when…what is the weight…I’m confused,” Mike said through laughter. “I’m sorry.”

Poor Tori was still struggling to put Noah in the car seat. After a while, she just gave up and the tiny tot made his way to the driver’s seat. He was over it and waved the cameras goodbye.

“This is the best demo ever done on a morning television show,” Mike said.

There’s no denying that. Leave it to a toddler to steal the show.