This two-year-old saw something “spooky,” and now the internet thinks she can see ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts?  Many of us do, whether it’s based on culture, experience, or just because. Even if you don’t believe, you have to admit it’s pretty unsettling when kids claim to see ghosts or spirits. It’s a phenomenon that’s actually somewhat common, and whether it’s based on simple confusion or imagination, it’s something you might face when parenting a toddler.

And a two-year-old named Maya apparently had a vision while eating peanut butter toast.

It all started out simply enough — Maya’s father, Ryan Dalton, saw her do something adorable and grabbed his camera. While Maya is pretending to eat, she looks to the other side of the room once or twice. First, she sticks out her tongue. But later, she says that something she sees is “spooky.”

While the camera doesn’t turn, Ryan does. And he sees nothing. But he gets a little fearful, since Maya seems to genuinely think there’s a something or someone inside their house.

“Time to move,” he joked on Twitter.

However, Ryan hopped back on Twitter to set the record straight on a couple theories that Twitter users have been tossing around since seeing the video.

He also confirmed that “peanut butter bread” was exactly what it sounds like, in case you were wondering if that was somehow tied to the ghost siting. (Or, if you were looking for the recipe. Maya makes it look pretty delicious.)

And speaking of that…

We’re glad Ryan seems in good spirits, despite the super spooky encounter!

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