A toddler damages a neighbor’s car. Parents get sweetest bill ever.

Even if you try SO darn hard to be careful, sometimes, mistakes happen. And sometimes, on a really bad day, mistakes happen that involve car damage . . . gulp. But all you’ve got to do when that happens is own up to it and trust that everything will fall into place (or that you have enough in the savings account to make it right).

That’s what one family learned when their 3-year-old son accidentally put a scratch in their neighbor’s car when he was opening their own car door. A lot of people would just run and leave the owner of the car to fend for themselves, but the boy’s honest parents, who are unnamed but are from the UK, decided to tell the neighbors what their son had done. They also said, according to the Mirrorthat they would pay repairs.

When the parents reminded the neighbors about the incident a couple of days later and asked about the bill, they received a letter in the mail. It was an invoice for the repairs, but it was the sweetest invoice EVER.

First, the neighbors listed out the costs of repair. “Invoice for car damage: Damage repair and re-spray £1,500 . . . Damage repair and re-spray V.A.T £300 . . . Numerous cups of tea while pondering repair £28 . . .  Numerous packets of biscuits while pondering repair £10 . . . ” Hey, SOMEBODY’S gotta fit the bill for those biscuits.

But then, the letter continued: “These things happen . . .  Minus -£1,838 . . . No Charge!” Oh, our hearts! But there was one stipulation. “The only thing we ask is you to keep taking our parcels in when we are not here, thanks!” Somehow, we think that’s pretty fair.

The letter was posted on Facebook with the caption, “Wow such wonderful people xx.” And we totally agree. There are so many things that make us happy with this story. First, there are the loving parents who decided to be honest and own up to their sons’ little blunder. And, of course, we heart the wonderful neighbors who opted for forgiveness and understood that EVERYONE makes mistakes. So much love and kindness!

We wish we knew the lovely people involved in this story so we could give them giant hugs, but we’ll settle for being content that the world is such a beautiful place. We all make mistakes — and when we understand that and graciously forgive one another with open arms, we create a much, much happier life not only for ourselves, but for those we forgive. <3

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