Today’s best #tbt: Jennifer Lawrence being awkward and adorable in this 2011 interview

Jennifer Lawrence has solidified her standing as America’s Sweetheart with her absolutely adorable awkwardness. First there were the embarrassing (but totally relatable, because I mean, who wouldn’t trip over stairs wearing a fancy, long dress, amiright) falls. And then more falls. And just recently she’s owned up to a lot more embarrassing things — things that embarrassed her a lot more than the very, very public falls —like the time she thought the woman she was talking to was the late actress and legend Elizabeth Taylor. But that’s what’s so endearing about Jennifer! She’s a totally normal human.

And the best part? She’s been like that since the beginning of her career. At only 20 years old, Jennifer Lawrence received her first Academy Award nomination for Winter’s BoneThen after the announcement, Lawrence was placed on Variety‘s list of its 10 Actors to Watch. And despite the insane honor that the nomination and placement on Variety‘s list was, Lawrence stayed down to earth and cool. Well, not technically cool —more like, awkward. Completely awkward, but in in the best way. (Which is actually what makes her so cool.)

Since it’s Thursday, and it’s officially THE day to feel all our nostalgia feels, here’s the perfect #tbt of Lawrence before she was the mega superstar everyone knows and loves now. When interviewed at the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Gala and asked about the crazy amount of Oscar attention that her little indie film Winter’s Bone was getting, Lawrence got crazy flustered, just like any normal person would.

“Uh, I dunno,” she told E! News at the gala. “That was funny. Um, sorry, I don’t know what to say about it! I just get really awkward and clam up when people bring it up, like right now. None of us saw this coming. I know I didn’t.” AWWWW, JEN.

Obviously after Lawrence’s success with Winter’s Bone, she was catapulted to fame through her starring roles in films like Hunger Games and Silver Lining’s Playbook, so hopefully, at this point, these huge award nominations and wins aren’t such a shock. (But she’s so humble, they probably still are.)

(Image via E!)