Today in YASS: This company will pay for your wedding


We all know that weddings are EXPENSIVE — the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $32,641, according to The Knot. (To put things in perspective, that’s only slightly less than the average student loan debt upon college graduation nowadays: $35,000.) But, hey, we have some good news. There’s one company out there that will pay up to $20,000 of your wedding costs. WHAT? We know.

Boxed Wholesale, a New Jersey based company that delivers groceries and other day-to-day type items, announced today that all of their full-time employees, who are based across the country from New Jersey to Las Vegas, will be eligible for this insane perk.

How did it happen? Well, CEO Chieh Huang found out that one of his employees, Marcel Graham was having a hard time paying for his wedding because of Marcel’s mother’s declining health and increasing medical bills. Marcel and his fiancé were hoping to get married as soon as possible so that Marcel’s mother could be there. Huang decided that this wasn’t going to fly at his company and offered to pay for a big chunk of their nuptials.

“Fuck it, I’m gonna do the right thing and change this man’s life,” Huang told Inc of his decision. “We got his fiancée to come in and surprised him; it was water works all around. This is the stuff I enjoy, doing good.”

And Marcel was obviously thrilled. “It was overwhelming, that Boxed would pay for my wedding.  I was in tears, and so was my fiancee.  It just makes me feel that they appreciate my work here,” said Graham.

According to Inc, out of the company’s 125 employees, Boxed’s HR department estimates that about 10 percent will tie the knot.

Not only will Boxed pay for your wedding, but Huang also said previously that he would personally pay for kids of his workers to go to college. Crazy.

“We just felt like once someone is part of the Boxed family, we want to be there for them in their time of need,”  said Huang, according to a press release of their benefits program.  “It then just felt right to extend this benefit to all our valued employees.”

Keep KILLING it, Boxed. So cool.