Today in surprising: This many people have *never* been in love

When you’re living in the land of singledom, you’re bound to run into a million couples. They’re at the mall, grasping shopping bags in one hand so they can hold hands with the other. They’re at the park, presumably sitting on a bench and pointing out all the clouds that look like hearts. As for you, you’ve never felt more single and not in love – but the good news is that you’re not alone.

love-2.gif recently conducted a “Singles in America” survey that looked into the lives of 5,500 single men and women all across the country. According to Women’s Health, this study led researchers to conclude that one out of every five men have never been in love. In spite of this, 59% of all the male volunteers still believe in love at first sight and 41% mentioned that they’ve experienced it before.

Nonetheless, it’s not just guys that haven’t been hit by Cupid’s arrow. 18% of the study’s female participants said that they’ve never been in love before. They’re also less likely to fall head-over-heels. Researchers found that a woman will fall in love 2.9 times over the course of her lifetime, while a man will top that by falling in love 3.7 times.


It’s also interesting to look at some other differences. After a date, men will wait to hear back for a total of 11.25 days before giving up on the relationship. Women are much less forgiving, only waiting 7 days before throwing in the towel. This may have to do with the fact that men are more invested in a relationship because, according to the survey, 66% of men are more likely to imagine a future together on the first date.


Now can someone please make a movie called Never Been in Love? And can Drew Barrymore please play the lead?

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