Today in shocker: This celebrity has the most popular Instagram pic from Coachella

For many Coachella go-ers, it’s all about the music. Because, you know, it’s a music festival. But for so many others, it’s about the parties, the fashion and the social media photos that show off all of the above.

And speaking of social media, a LOT of celebs who attended the festival uploaded pics from their fun weekend to Instagram. And we spent all of Monday living vicariously through famous humans like Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens, who wore the raddest outfits and had the coolest hair. But there’s one celeb who garnered the MOST Instagram attention for this weekend, and it’s not Taylor Swift OR Vanessa Hudgens.

Can you guess who it is? We’ll give a you a sec to think of it. Okay. Ready?

Our Coachella Queen is Kendall Jenner, who had the winning IG photo, according to the amount of likes she received.

Considering she has 54.6 million Instagram followers, and posts pictures of herself on the reg, this news probably comes as a surprise to absolutely no one.

Here’s the pièce de résistance of Coachella:

So far, the photo has received 1.8 million likes. I posted a photo of my dog over the weekend, and it received 43 likes, so I totally know how she feels.

Jenner has since posted this photo of herself, which came in just under the winning photo with 1.7 million likes. Because she gives the people what they want! Blurry photos. 

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