Today is World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day. Today, we stand up and spread awareness for the many families who are devastatingly affected by war. We are asking YOU to take one minute to help, to donate and to tell someone.

Via ThunderClap & the UNHCR:

On World Refugee Day the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, commemorates the strength and resilience of the more than 45 million people around the world forced to flee their homes due to war or persecution. 

Behind the casualty statistics are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters – tens of thousands of families who have left everything behind.

Despite the vast amount of media coverage given over to the conflicts in Syria, Mali, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the focus is rarely on the human cost of war. 

War is a family matter. Join us on World Refugee Day to show your support for families forced to flee. 

How to show your support:

  1. Join our campaign and spread the message that #1family torn apart by war is too many. 
  2. Imagine what you would take with you if you had just 1 minute to flee with your family. Go to and upload a photo of you with your 1 thing or Tweet what you would take.

You can show your support on Twitter by Tweeting the below:

RT if you think #1family torn apart by war is too many. Help #UNHCR support @refugees on World Refugee Day

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