Today is “National Men Make Dinner Day,” and here’s why that is terrible

In case you hadn’t heard, today is National Men Make Dinner Day, which is supposed to be a “fun” and light-hearted occasion in which men make dinner for their families, girlfriends, loved ones, etc.

But tbh, the mere existence of this day in 2017 is offensive AF.

A special “Men Make Dinner Day” reinforces the outdated stereotype that the kitchen is a “female” domain and that men should venture into it “at their own risk.” (Cue old-timey ad from the ’50s where suzy homemaker holds up a pot roast and talks about making dinner for “my boys.”)

It also serves to undermine the idea that men and women should be 50/50 contributors when it comes to household tasks and chores. The fact of the matter is, both men and women work outside the home in the majority of U.S. households, so implying that men should contribute to the cooking one day a year is unacceptable.

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Not to mention, the idea that cooking is reserved for women is offensive to men, too. There are so many amazing male cooks and bakers out there, so implying that the kitchen isn’t “really” for them is restrictive and absurd.

And, of course, Twitter had thoughts.

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So maybe let’s cool it on the whole notion of a special day once a year when men-folk “give us ladies a break,” and just agree that we should all be helping each other equally every day. Can we get a National Day for that?